We got a Direct to Garment Printer!

So we now have a Direct to Garment printer in our Las Vegas Embroidery shop!

We are now Las Vegas Embroidery & Printing.

So what is Direct to Garment Printing you might ask? I will explain.

There are basically two ways that tshirts get printed. The first is by an ink transfer process known as screen printing. This is typically for 1 color on a bunch of shirts. It’s fast, cheap and the quality is factually lower.

The new process on the block is called direct to garment printing. It is fast, you can do unlimited colors without screen changes. It is popular because it’s quality is far better than that of screen printing.

The present day direct to garment printing technology is based on a tool which is kind of like an inkjet printer. The only difference here is the actual fact that you’re printing on garment instead of paper.

You could marvel why folks would opt for direct to garment printing when there are more alternatives accessible. Well, you will not know the distinction unless you’re feeling it yourself. Direct to garment printed merchandise feel the identical even after the image has been printed on the garment and this is often what makes them special.

For most people, comfort is their prime priority and so they wouldn’t mind paying a very little more if they were going to get clothes that were smooth and did not possess any kind of rough edges.

The move from light-weight clothes to dark garments

In the terribly beginning when this technology was 1st introduced, the procedure was solely applicable to light-weight coloured garments because it never looked sensible on dark colours thanks to the inferior technology.

However, now that this technology has improved, there are some firms that provide the services of direct to garment printing on dark colors in addition. The main downside that is faced during this case would be the high prices of the cartridges that are needed for this purpose.

These printers aren’t that expensive and are moderately priced although they cost thousands of bucks. But, if you think about printing on dark colours for large volume orders, you’d need to use a ton of ink, that in turn would cause higher production prices.

You want to be picky

As already mentioned, there aren’t lots of corporations that supply direct to garment printing on dark colours. This statement needs to be changed a small amount as there are quite a few that do provide printing on dark colors, however just a handful of them provide you quality services.

Most of the smaller corporations that supply this service wouldn’t make use of the best colours and the final print would not just be of a lower quality, however additionally lighter. You cannot actually blame them as the price of the ink used is extremely high and individuals will not be willing to pay tiny firms huge money.

Bulk Orders tend to require time to process

Most of the printers that are concerned in this process will only turn out around 10 individual pieces an hour. The average rate of production tends to lure around three – 10 minutes per piece. Thus, if you are doing would like a massive order for a selected occasion, it’d be wise to order your direct to garment printing garments well ahead.

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