About Us

Store Address:
Custom Embroidery LV
1717 S. Decatur Blvd #4
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Embroidery has been available in the Fantastic Swap meet on Decatur Blvd and Oakey for over a decade. The embroidery area is right in the lobbey when you first enter the Swap Meet. We do have our own private entrance on the side for hours when the Swap Meet is closed.

Custom Embroidery LV was opened by Daniel, Sheree & Dave to continue catering to local residents & businesses in need of embroidery.

We have machines by Barudan and Tajima capable of doing 1000s of items weekly. We always give special discounts to larger orders.

We love doing bags, hats and shirts for schools. We have special discounts for schools.

Polos and shirts with custom embroidery enhance the look of any business. We have great deals for businesses.

We love doing patches for bikers and any kind of shirts or hats for groups.

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